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dhesion (Pull & Push Off) (0 to 70 MPa)
Agricultural Moisture
Air Flow
Analyser - Thickness Data
Analysis of Salt Contamination
Anemometers (Wind Speed) (2 Decimals)
Angle Gauges (Inclinometers) to 360 Deg + Print Out
Anodisers’ Unique Probe (Measures Wet Surfaces)
Balances / Scales

Brightness - See Gloss

Brinell - See Hardness
Bacharach Sling Hygrometer (Spirit or Mercury)
Bore (Internal) Viewing – Illuminated, 37 – 1500 mm
Cable Length Meter - Digital Wheel
Cable & Pipe Locators to 6m – now also linking to PC’s
Calibration Testers / Blocks
Calibration Foils & Shims to ISO, NBS & NAMAS
Calibration, RH Moisture Kit
Calibration – Thickness Gauges for Rough Surfaces - Ra
Calibration Service & Certificates
Carbon Black Tint Strength (See Gloss Meters)
Cavity Wall Inspection
Certification (ISO, NBS, NAMAS etc)
Chalking - See Gloss
Chlor Salt Test Kit
Chlor Salt Removal Kit
Climatic Condition Testing
Coating Thickness Gauges
Coating Thickness on Plaster, Concrete, Asbestos, Wood, Steel etc
Coating Thickness Data Analyser
Coatings Inspection Manuals & Defect Photos
Comparators (Ra, Rz, Ry) – See Roughness
Compression Strength of Concrete
Concrete - Covermeter Rebars to 360 mm depth & diam. & direction
Concrete - Compression Tester - Portable
Concrete - Crack measuring
Concrete - Moisture NDT & Drilling up to 360 mm
Concrete - Structural Moisture NDT
Concrete - Test Hammer (Schmidt Equiv.)
Concrete - Thickness over Steel & Rebars to 360 mm (NDT)
Conductivity Meter (Water)
Consulting Services (Corrosion, Ctgs, Thickness, Moisture, Gloss,Reflectance, Adhesion, Hardness,
Bore-viewing, Climatic Measuring, Surface Prep. before painting,Distance Measuring
Corrosion Inspectors’ Manuals c/w Colour Photos
Cover Meter (Concrete Cover over Rebars)
Crop Moisture
Cross Hatch Cutters (Adhesion)
Curved Profiles (Testex Tape)
Dampness (Rising) - Detection
Data Analyser (Thickness – Physical & Electronic)
Data Collection System (EDCS for DFTG’s)
Data Transfer System (EDTS to Spread Sheets)
Data Printers
Destructive Thickness with "V" Cutters
Dew Point Calculator
Dew Point Meters (& Wet Bulb)
Digital - Tachometers
Digital - Temperature
Digital - Thermometers
Digital - Thickness Gauges
Distance Measuring Wheels - (Digital - 1 Mill’n Metres
Distance Measuring - Ultrasonic to 15 & 18 m With Laser Pointer
Distance Measuring - Laser to 18, 75 & 100 metres
Dry Film Thickness Gauges (DFTG) – to 32 mm
Durometers (Hardness of Materials) (Bench & Portable – ISO
EDCS (Elcometer Data Collection System) (Windows)
EDTS (Elcometer Data Transfer System to Spread Sheet)
Endoscopes Inspects Internal Bores from 3 mm Diam & 3 metres in Length – Flexible, Rigid & Micro
Environmental Measurement
Fading - See Gloss
Ferrite % Detector in Stainless Stee
Film Thickness
Fibre Glass GRP Thickness to 32 mm
FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) Thickness from 19 to 31 mm
Foils + Plastic Shims - Calibrated 1% ISO & 2% NBS
Force Gauge
Gas Detectors, Monitors & Sensors
Gloss (20, 60, 85 + 45 + 75 deg, STATS or Std) (Single, Double, Triple)
Gloss (Bright, Chalking, Fading, Haze, Shades, Reflectance) (“RHOPOINT”)
Grain Moisture
GRP - % Moisture (Also in Fresh & Salt Water)
GRP Thickness (“Polygauge”) to 32 m
Hammer / Concrete (Schmidt Equiv)
Hardness - Aluminium (“Barcol”)
Hardness - Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Shore
Hardness - Coatings
Hardness - Concrete - Hammer (“Schmidt” Equiv.)
Hardness - Equotip Equiv.
Hardness - Fibreglass
Hardness - Impact - Digital (HRA, B, C, V, S)
Hardness - Metals & Plastics
Hardness - Shore Rubber & Soft Materials
Hardness - Schmidt Equiv
Haze (See Gloss)
Holiday / Spark Detectors (Porosity) to 55 kV
Humidity Meters - RH
Illuminated Magnifiers (2 to 10 X’S)
Illuminated Pocket Microscopes (30 to 100X) (Under R250)
Impact Testers (Mechanical & Digital, Integrated & Tubular)
Impact Testers for Steel or Aluminium Plates (to BS & ISKOR)
Internal Viewing
Inclinometers (Angle Gauges) (to 360 Deg)
Infra Red Mini Printer (Cable-Less)
Infra Red Distance Meters with Laser Pointer
Infra Red Thermometers (with or without Laser Pointer)
Inspection Microscopes, Magnifiers & Mirrors (All Illuminated)
Inspectors’ Paint Manuals (72 Colour Defects Photos)
Installation Lasers
Insulation Testers (Coatings & Linings)
ISO Certification available
Kiln Humidity Monitoring

Lasers (Pocket) Levelling for Construction, Steel Erection, Installations of Ceilings, Plumbing, Tiles,

Flooring, Electrical Cabling & Instrumentation, Light Fittings, HVAC, Fire Sprinklers, Dry Walls, Frames, Riggings

Laser Distance Measuring (18, 75 & 100 metres with Beam)
Laser Levels : Plum - Up, Down , Horizontal & Vertical (30 m Beam)
Laser Distance Meters with or w/o Beam
Layout Of Tiles & Flooring with Pocket Lasers
Laboratory Equipment
Laminated Lining Thickness to 31 mm
Level Measurement (Laser & Infra-Red)
Light Meters (Lux)
Liquid Levels in Tanks to 18 m
Leak Detecting In Multiply Roofs
Leak Detectors
Leather - % Moisture
Leebs Hardness Tester (Equotip Equiv.)
Levels in Storage Tanks - Ultrasonically
Levels – Laser & Infra Red
Limpet Thermometers
Linings – Thickness to +/- 32 mm
Liquids - % Moisture
Light Intensity Meters (Lux to 2 decimals)
Loggers (Recording Oven)
Loggers - Thickness / Temperature
Lux Meters (2 Decimals) (Light)

Magnetic Thermometers (Limpet)
Magnetic Thickness Gauges (incl Underwater)
Magnifiers (Pocket & Illum
Material Hardness (Metals, Plastics, Rubber etc)
Material Wall Thickness (Ultrasonic to 500 mm) Metals & Non - Metals
Measuring Wheels (Digital) (to 1 Mill’n metres)
Metal Detectors - Rebars & Conduit (to 360 mm & 15 cm) etc (Steel or Copper)
Metal Hardness – R, V, B Shore & Impact
Metal Wall Thickness from One Side (Ultrasonically)
Microscopes (Pocket & Illum. – 30 to 100 X’s) Patented
Minimum Film Forming Temp Bar
Mirrors (Inspection) - Illuminated & Angled
Moisture Meters (Non Destructive & Pin Types)
Moisture In - Agricultural Products
Moisture In - Asbestos (NDT & Pin)
Moisture In - Building Materials (NDT & Pin)
Moisture In - Bricks (NDT & Pin)
Moisture In - Butyl
Moisture In - Cardboard (NDT)
Moisture In - Carpets (NDT & Pin)
Moisture In - Chemicals (Calcium Carbide)
Moisture In - Ceramics (Calcium Carbide)
Moisture In - Clay (& Tiles) (NDT & Carbide)
Moisture In - Concrete (NDT, Pin & Carbide)
Moisture In - Crops
Moisture In - Dried Products
Moisture In - Dry Walls (NDT)
Moisture In - Fibreglass (GRP) (NDT, Fresh & Salt Water)
Moisture In - Fish Meal
Moisture In - Foam
Moisture In - Foundry Castings (Sand) (Carbide)

Moisture In - Insulation Systems (NDT)

Moisture In - Kaolin
Moisture In - Leather
Moisture In - Liquids (Carbide)

Moisture In - Neoprene (NDT & Pin)

Moisture In - Oils (Carbide)

Moisture In - Paper (NDT, Sword Probe Available)

Moisture In - Plaster NDT & Pin Types

Moisture In - Polyethylenes (NDT)

Moisture In - Polyurethanes (NDT)

Moisture In - Polystyrene (Expanded Or Extruded) (NDT)

Moisture In - Powders (Carbide)
Moisture In - Pulp (Sword Probe avail.) (NDT)
Moisture In - Roofing Materials
Moisture In - Rolls of Paper

Moisture In - Screeds (NDT &Pin)

Moisture In - Soils
Moisture In - Timber (NDT & Pin)
Moisture In - Tissue Paper (NDT)
Moisture In - Tobacco (NDT & Sword)
Moisture In - Whole Grains & Ground
Moisture In - Wood (c/w Specific Gravity / Tables) (NDT & Pin)

Moisture / Leak Detectors (NDT & Pin)

Moisture / Osmosis Detection in GRP (NDT)

Moisture / Rising Damp (NDT & Pin)

Moisture Thro’ Floor & Wall Coverings (NDT)

Moisture Thro’ - Insulation Systems (NDT)

Moisture Thro’ Tiles, Wood etc (NDT)


Non - Contact Thickness of Powder Coatings

Non - Contact Thermometers / Meter (to 520 deg C) / Thermocouples

Non Metal Material Wall Thickness from 1 side ultrasonically

Oven Recorder / Logger - Portable

Paint Defects Manuals (in Colour)

Paint Inspector’s Manuals with Colour photos

Paint Inspection Gauge (PIG "V" Cutter)

Paint Thickness on Steel to 25 mm

Paint Thickness Calibration on Rough Surface

Paint Thickness on Plaster, Concrete, Wood & Asbestos

PH Meters

"PIG" – See Paint Thickness above
Pinhole Detectors - Sponge Type & Spark

Pipe & Cable Locators (+ Video) to 6m (LINK to PC’s)

Pit Depth Gauges

Placement Jig (Precise Repeatability of Paint etc Thickness)

Plan / Diagram Distance Reading Meter – PC I/Face avail.

Plastic Hardness & Thickness

Pocket Microscopes – (30 & 100 x’s Under R250)
Porosity Testing in Coatings & Linings

Powder Film Comb (Un - Cured)

Powder Thickness Checker (Un - Cured)

Precision Foils (1% ISO & 2 % NBS)

Printer (For Thickness Gauges) etc Portable

Printer - Mini Infra Red (Cable - Less) Portable

Probes (Temp., Surface, Air, Liquid - K Type)

Probes - Right Angle & Telescopic

Profiles - Blasted (Analog & Digital / Gauges)

Profiles - Blasted - use Testex Tape for permanent record & Curved surfaces

Profiles - Comparator, Grit or Shot (ISO)

Profiles - Machined etc Ra, Ry (ISO) & Rz (DIN)
Profiles - Surface Gauges (Digital & Analog)
Profiles - Permanent Record (Testex Tape)
Protective Ctg’s Inspection Manuals (Colour Photos)

Psychro Hygrometers (c/w Battery)

Pull Off Thickness Gauges to 6 mm (to ISO)

Pull-Off Adhesion – to 70 MPa (to ISO)
Push-Off Adhesion – to 25 MPa (to ISO)
PVA Thickness on Plaster, Concrete, Wood & Asbestos
Ra & Ry (ISO) & Rz (DIN) Roughness on Steel
Re Bar Detection - (Direction, Diam. & Depth to 360 mm)
Recorder - Oven (Logger) Portable

Reflectance / Reflectometer (Gloss – “Rhopoint”)

Reflectometer / Reflectance ( “ “ )

Relative Humidity (RH)

Repair Service

RH – Relative Humidity Kits

Rising Damp

Rockwell - See Hardness

Rotary Lasers for Construction (adjustable)

Roughness - Comparators (Blasted & Ra, Ry (ISO) & Rz (DIN))

Roughness - Grinding - Surface, Cylindrical, Vertical

Roughness - Grit (Sand), Shot, Blasted See Surface Profile

Roughness - Lapping - Flat, Criss - Cross, Parallel, Cylindrical

Roughness - Milling - Horizontal, End

Roughness - Reaming & Drilling

Roughness - Turning - Face, Cyclindrical

Rubber Hardness (Shore A & D) : (Also Digital)

Safety Torch (To BASEEFA)
Salts Detection & Analysis Kits

Salts Removal (USA Navy approval)

Scales (Balances)

Self Levelling Pocket Lasers for All Applications (See Lasers)

Sensors - Self Levelling Pocket Lasers

Sensors (See Temp, Moisture Etc)

Shades (See Gloss)

Shims (See Foils) - Plastic & Brass

Shore Hardness (Rubber / Plastics Etc)

Sling Hygrometer

Software for Thickness, Gloss, Wet Opacity & Wall Thickness Gauges

Soil Testing (Moisture)

Sound Level Meter

Spark Testers (Pinholes / Holidays)

Sponge Testers (Pinholes)

Stroboscope - Digital – Contact & Non Contact


Surface - Analysis

Surface - Cleanliness

Surface - Oxidation

Surface - Profile Gauges (Anal & Digital c/w Print Out)
Surface - Roughness – Ra, Ry (ISO) & Rz (DIN)
Surface - Temperature (Contact & Non Contact)

Swedish Blast Standards (Pictorial)


Taber Abrasers (Wear & Tear)

Tachometers - Contact & Non Contact

Tape - Testex

Telescopic Probes


Temperature - Air

Temperature - Frozen Food

Temperature - Liquid

Temperature - Recorder / Logger

Temperature - Surface
Temp. (Climatic) (Dual Temp / RH)

Test Equipment (Specify)

Testex Tape (For Curved Surface Profiles & Permanent Record)

Textile Graduated Magnifiers

Thermo / Hygrometer with Min & Max Memory

Thermo Hygrometers (Climatic) c/w Wet Bulb Reading (with or without Surface Temp Probe)

Thermometers (Non Contact / Infra Red) for Surfaces, Air, Liquids to 500 deg C

Thermometers (Contact)

Thickness - Coatings on Plaster, Concrete, Asbestos, Wood & Metals
Thickness - Coatings Underwater

Thickness - Dial – Analog

Thickness - Fibre Glass / GRP – (“Polygauge”) to 32 mm

Thickness - Foils / Shims for Calibration

Thickness - Gauges – Digital & Magnetic & low cost Pull-Off

Thickness - Gauges linking to PC’s & Printers

Thickness - Gauges for Rough Surfaces (Ra & Blast)

Thickness - GRP / Fibre Glass

Thickness - Magnetic Operation
Thickness - Materials - Ultrasonically

Thickness - Non - Contact

Thickness - Non Magnetic Material on Steel to 32 mm
Thickness - Paint on Most Metals

Thickness - Low cost Pull Off Gauges

Thickness - PVA on Plaster / Concrete
Thickness - Ultrasonic (Wall) (31 Metals, 35 Non Metals)
Thickness - Uncured Powder
Thickness - Wet
Thickness - of Materials

Thickness - on Hot Surfaces

Tubular Impact (for Steel to ISCOR Spec)

Thickness of Moving Materials with Pr. of Rollers on Digital Dial Gauge


Underwater Coating Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Measurement of Levels in Storage Tanks

Ultrasonic Distance Meters with Laser Pointer

Ultrasonic Wall Thicknesses (0.63 To 500 mm) (50 metals & non metals)
Uncured Powder Comb (Thickness)

UV Cure - Tester

Underwater Ctg / Lining Thickness
“V" Cutter (See Paint Inspection Gauge)

Vibration Analyser (with Print Out)

Video Inspection System

Viscometers (Brookfield)
Visual Comparison Manual in Colour to BS
Wall Thickness (Ultrasonic) (& Software) (From One Side)

Weighing (Scales / Balances)

Welds - Ferrite % Detector

Wet Bulb & Dew Point Meters
Wet Film Thickness - Combs & Wheels in Plastic, Chromed Steel, Stainless or Alum.

Whirling Hygrometer - Wet & Dry Bulbs (Spirit or Mercury)

Wind Speed (Anemometers)

Windows Software (See EDCS & EDTS) (Elcometer)



Muller de laboratorio, Medidor de finura 8-0 Hegaman 0-100 um con certificado, Copas Ford, Zhan con certificado, Aplicadores Bird, de cubo, Ajustables etc, Viscosímetros Cps o Krebs, Picnómetro de 50, 100cc con certificado, Balanzas mecánica o analíticas, Mezclador para botes o cubeta 19Lts, Punto de flamacion, Aplicadotes automáticos, Varillas de arrastre 4 a 40 um RDS, Lenetas, Tiempo de secado, Copas de permeabilidad 10,25,30 cms2, Maquinas de Lavabilidad ASTM D2486, Taber de 1 o 2 cabezas, Ruedas taber CS17, H18, Dureza Shore AD o de Lápiz al rayado, Mandril cónico, mandril cilíndrico, Impacto metro, Brilló metros con software
y certificado, Reflectometro, Medidor de opacidad NOVO-PAC, Pantones para selección de color, Espectrofotómetros, Medidor de precisión con temperatura, Rayador DIA, Cámaras salinas Singlé ton, Cámara de UV Y Xenón, Medidor de espesores de materiales, Medidor de perfil superficie, Rugosimetro, Cinta texter 122, Medidor de espesores para medir picos y valles, Lupa y discos arenados, granulado y granalla do, Medidor sal digital, Girómetro de carraca G116, Medidor de punto de roció 319, Termómetro de superficie, Medidor de líquidos, carnes, y superficies, Termómetro IR, Medidor Datapaq para hornos, Medidor de humedad para papel, concreto etc, Rueda y placa para medir espesores humedos, Placa y equipo digital para medir espesores en polvo, Medidor de Pfund, Medidor de espesores para recubrimiento Ferrosos y No Ferrosos Elcometer y Positector, Medidor de recubrimiento para repintado, Estándares de espesores metálicos o plásticos con certificado, Medidor de espesores para revestimiento altas temperaturas tipo lápiz, Medidor magnético tipo banana o pajarito, Medidor de espesores destructivos para plástico, cemento, madera, Medidor de adherencia ASTM D3359, Detector de porosidad alto voltaje o húmedo, Kit de inspección para pinturas, Manuales de inspección para supervisores, Lupa iluminada para checa defectos,

Maquinas de pruebas de impresión FLEXIPROOF 100, Rodillos anilox con rodillos intercambiables tipo pamarco, hand ink proofer, Varillas de arrastre americanas y inglesas con mango de color RK Y RDS, Aplicadores Tipo Bird y ajustables, Anti-sag meter, Lenetas Todas las formas, Aplicadores automáticos, Medidores de Ph, Conductividad, Medidores de temperatura de superficie, ambiente, y líquidos IR, Tubos de color Gardner, Medidores de color para liquido, Picnómetro de 100 o 50cc para pintura o tinta, Dispersor Red- Devil, Licuadora a prueba de explosión, Balanzas de precisión 0.001 mecánicas o volager, , Camas de arrastre, Quikpeek, Pantones en dos tomos para selección del color, Cámaras comparadoras de color Sheen, GTI, Densito metros, Brillo metros de un Angulo y triple Angulo línea economica con certificado de calibración, Cuenta hilos 6,8,10,12 X metálicos y plástico, Equipo para medir la temperatura mínima de formación de películas, Copa Ford y Mini-Ford, Zhan y tipo EZ, Aceites certificados Canon G-60 para verificar la calibración de las copas Ford, ZHan estándar y viscosímetros en Cps y Unidades Krebs, refacciones agujas, Convertidores de viscosidades, Plumones de tratado corona o linaje 36-42 Dynas, Espectrofotómetros Minota, X rite, Gardner, Medidor de Finura para tinta NPRI, Medidores de espesores para plásticos total ultrasónicos, Cronómetros plásticos con certificado de trazabilidad, Sutherland equipo para verificar el frote en húmedo y seco, Cámaras de Xenón para conocer el envejecimiento acelerado de cualquier material bajo normas internacionales, Equipo Taber para conocer el desgaste de una superficie, Anemómetros medidores de aire, Lupas 7,10,15 X, Termómetros ( estándar) de vidrio,

PROTOVALE: Equipo para detectar corriente eléctrica, metales, y localizador de varillas, espesor de cemento.


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YUCATAN 64- 3 A COL. ROMA NORTE 06700 MEXICO D F TEL/ FAX 52644211 ,

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